Russia is fast becoming the new digital frontier, but without local knowldge, contacts and objective opinion, how can you break into the market?


Revenues at Yandex, the Russian search engine which dwarfs Google in that territory, have rise by 41 percent year-on-year in its Q3 2012 financial results. Last quarter Yandex reported a 50 percent increase in revenue, and an increase in profit of 76 percent compared with Q2 2011.

Today the company reported revenues of RUR 7.3 billion ($235.2 million), which were up some 41 percent quarter on quarter with last year. Operating income was up to $82.3 million, or 43 percent year-on-year. Profit for the third quarter was RUR 2.3 billion ($74.2 million).

Yandex is on something of a roll. It’s launched its own ‘social’ browser, opened its own Android store and boosted its Yandex.Disk cloud storage service.

In addition it is experimenting with expanding beyond the Russian ‘RuNet’ with a service in Turkey, but with mixed results so far. Word on the street has it that they plan…

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