10 things that “social media experts” can do to help me

1. Actually prove that you understand the medium; by this demonstrate to me that you understand how to engage an audience and cause interaction that delivers benefit to your clients.

2. Tell me something I don’t know (and for the sake of clarity), things like “it’s jolly big” or indeed, “social media is going to be very important” do not count. At all.

3. Please stop banging on about “how to market yourself on Facebook or Linkedin”, and rather than talk about it, do it. Please?

4. Come up with some original content, if I see one more statement along the lines of “If Facebook were a country, it would be bigger than…” I fear I will have to wage digital war.

5. Stop retweeting clever people’s ideas and articles and try to interpret what they might mean. We all have a retweet button – I’d like to know what you think, not what you think you should think.

6. Try to entertain, educate and teach. Don’t preach – we get enough of that from politicians – and they know fuck all too.

7. Recognise that you are probably not an expert, you probably never will be, so please stop trying to be. Become a trusted advisor, maybe even a consiglieri, not an expert. Unless your surname is either Dorsey, Zuckerburg or Crowley – you are not likely to be an expert, just a practitioner.

8. Please be accepting of the natural course of digital evolution; try to understand that the platform is less important than the user, and as such, treat your clients with the commercial respect that they deserve.

9. Social engagement is not a ‘one fits all’ strategy. Different entities and people have different objectives and needs – so do not shoe-horn a standard methodology onto everyone – it does not work. I know this and so do you.

10. And finally, if you are not able to do any of the above, please go back to what you were doing before you saw an opportunity to exploit those with partially less knowledge than you.


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